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Permission to Skate (PTS) and Non Resident Passport (NRP) Policy

Permission to Skate (PTS) and NRP (Passport) Forms are provided in late March / early April. Eligible King Minor Hockey Players can request one or both of these Forms from the OMHA Contact using the online request forms below.

If you have more than one child who needs a Form, please fill out a separate Request Form for each child. PTS Forms will be emailed in April (before AAA Deadline). You will be contacted via email to arrange pickup of the NRP form.

There is no cost for these Forms. (Links to forms are at bottom of FAQ section below)

Permission to Skate Forms (AAA Tryouts)

Players interested in trying out for their AAA Zone Team require a Permission to Skate (PTS) Form from their Home Centre (King Minor Hockey). The AAA Zone Team for SMHA Players is the York Simcoe Express. The AAA zone for Nobleking players is Richmond Hill Coyotes.  In order to Tryout out for a different AAA team, players would first need to be released, and get an F1 Waiver from YSE or RH. It is up to the Player’s parents to obtain this Release. KTMH cannot do it for you.

Non Resident Player (NRP) Passports (“AA” Tryouts)

1.Who is eligible for an NRP?

Any Players from an OMHA “A” Level Centre and below that are U12 and above and who are registered in their Home Centre are eligible to receive an NRP Passport.

2. How do you obtain an NRP Passport for a Player?

Players must request an approved NRP Passport from their Home Centre using the online request form below.

3. How does a Player determine which Centre he/she is eligible to Tryout for?

The OMHA have removed the "closest centre" verbage from the NRP rule.  Families can indicate in their request which centre they wish to tryout for anywhere within the OMHA.

4. How is the distance to the next closest Centre measured?


5. Can KTMH players Tryout in another “A” Centre?

No. Lateral movement is not allowed below Midget.  Midget aged players can use an "Authorization to Move" (ATM) once they have been cut from their own centres rep program to tryout elsewhere.

6. Can a Player obtain more than one NRP Passport? 

No. A Player only gets a single NRP Passport. 

7. If a Player is selected for the Team above his Centre, does this mean he is permanently a member of the new Centre?

No. The NRP process is good for a single season only. All Players interested in trying out for a Centre above their home category must go through the process every year.

8. Can a Player attend a tryout for a “AA” Centre outside of their Home Centre without obtaining a NRP?

No. The only way Players can Tryout in another Centre is by obtaining the approved NRP from their Home Centre.

9. What happens if the Player gets cut from the “AA” Tryout?

The Player must return to their Home Centre.

10. When must the “AA” Centre make their decisions by?

The “AA” Team must offer a Player an opportunity to sign a “Letter of Commitment” within 14 days of the commencement of Tryouts, or September 15 (whichever is earlier). (**Timing may be different due to September 2021 tryouts)

11. If a Player successfully makes the upper level Team, do they receive a refund from their Home Centre for any registration fees paid?

Yes – registration deposit money is refundable, less any administration fees that might apply at the Home Centre. 

12. How many NRP Players can be rostered on a Team?

The maximum number of NRPs allowed per team is three (3).

13. Are other Centres obligated to accept NRP Players?

No. Each Centre can decide whether it intends to accept NRP Players.

14. What happens if a NRP Player quits a Team after he has been selected?

Once a Team has rostered an NRP, no replacement NRP will be permitted if the Player eventually quits the team. This would reduce the NRP number the Team can take to a maximum of 2 players (as per OMHA regulations).

15. Are there penalties for altering a Player’s address in order to impact where a Player can tryout under an NRP Passport?

Yes. OMHA Regulations impose strict penalties for registration and residency fraud, which can
include multi-year Player suspension.

16. Where do I find the OMHA regulations for the NRP Process?

The OMHA regulations for NRP are located within the OMHA Manual of Operations # 3.5

Please direct all questions relating to player movement to the OMHA Contact.
Forms available in Late March.

Please CLICK HERE to request a AAA Permission to Skate (PTS) Available Late Summer

Please CLICK HERE to request a AA Non Resident Passport (NRP) Available Late Summer