Schedule & Results, SMHA Red and White HL/LL, 2018-2019 (King Township Minor Hockey)

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Thursday, December 27, 2018
Midg RR 1019:00 AMTCM TNT Tornadoes2-2Schomberg Red Wings LL1
Midg RR 20210:00 AMTCM Schomberg Red Wings LL22-3Schomberg Red Wings LL3
Midg RR 10311:00 AMTCM Bradford Bulldogs LL23-3Schomberg Red Wings LL1
Midg RR 20412:00 PMTCM Mariposa Lightning1-5Schomberg Red Wings LL2
Midg RR 1051:00 PMTCM TNT Tornadoes6-2Bradford Bulldogs LL2
Midg RR 2062:00 PMTCM Mariposa Lightning1-2Schomberg Red Wings LL3
C FINAL074:00 PMTCM Mariposa Lightning2-3Bradford Bulldogs LL2
B FINAL085:00 PMTCM Schomberg Red Wings LL23-2Schomberg Red Wings LL1
A FINAL096:15 PMTCM Schomberg Red Wings LL31-2TNT Tornadoes
Friday, December 28, 2018
Bantam Bra0110:00 AMTCB Ajax Knights Bantam No Frills4-5Schomberg Red Wings
Bantam Bra0211:00 AMTCB Coldwater Wildcats1-5Oakville Flyers
Bantam Bra031:00 PMTCB Coldwater Wildcats5-2Ajax Knights Bantam No Frills
Bantam Bra042:00 PMTCB Oakville Flyers10-0Schomberg Red Wings
B FINAL054:00 PMTCB Schomberg Red Wings3-5Ajax Knights Bantam No Frills
A FINAL065:15 PMTCB Oakville Flyers7-0Coldwater Wildcats
Saturday, December 29, 2018
Peewee Bra018:00 AMTCP Newmarket Ripples Bathroom Boutique4-5Schomberg Red Wings
Peewee Bra029:00 AMTCP Clarington Crushers1-4Beeton Stingers
Peewee Bra0310:00 AMTCP Newmarket Grey Wolves0-7Thornton Tigers 1
Peewee Bra0411:00 AMTCP Oakville Warriors1-3Mariposa Lightning
Peewee Bra0512:00 PMTCP Clarington Crushers4-1Newmarket Ripples Bathroom Boutique
Peewee Bra061:00 PMTCP Beeton Stingers2-5Schomberg Red Wings
Peewee Bra072:00 PMTCP Oakville Warriors5-1Newmarket Grey Wolves
Peewee Bra083:00 PMTCP Mariposa Lightning0-4Thornton Tigers 1
D FINAL094:00 PMTCP Newmarket Grey Wolves6-4Newmarket Ripples Bathroom Boutique
C FINAL105:00 PMTCP Mariposa Lightning2-0Beeton Stingers
B FINAL116:00 PMTCP Oakville Warriors6-3Clarington Crushers
A FINAL127:15 PMTCP Thornton Tigers 12-3Schomberg Red Wings
Saturday, January 5, 2019
Atom Brack018:00 AMTCA TNT Red Inferno HL44-8Schomberg Red Wings
Atom Brack029:00 AMTCA East Gwillimbury Devils7-4Newmarket HL2
Atom Brack0310:00 AMTCA Clarington Thunder #117-4Whitby Teal
Atom Brack0411:00 AMTCA Clarington Thunder #21-6Nobleking LL3
Atom Brack0512:00 PMTCA Newmarket HL24-5TNT Red Inferno HL4
Atom Brack061:00 PMTCA East Gwillimbury Devils1-9Schomberg Red Wings
Atom Brack072:00 PMTCA Clarington Thunder #24-8Whitby Teal
Atom Brack083:00 PMTCA Nobleking LL310-1Clarington Thunder #11
D FINAL094:00 PMTCA Clarington Thunder #24-2Newmarket HL2
C FINAL105:00 PMTCA Clarington Thunder #114-5East Gwillimbury Devils
B FINAL116:00 PMTCA Whitby Teal3-1TNT Red Inferno HL4
A FINAL127:15 PMTCA Nobleking LL34-1Schomberg Red Wings
Sunday, January 6, 2019
Nov RR 1019:00 AMTCN Newmarket Black Panthers1-8Schomberg Red Wings
Nov RR 20210:00 AMTCN Erindale Spitfires8-0Barrie HL5
Nov RR 10311:00 AMTCN Clarington #30-3Schomberg Red Wings
Nov RR 20412:00 PMTCN Oakville Tornadoes8-3Barrie HL5
Nov RR 1051:00 PMTCN Clarington #37-4Newmarket Black Panthers
Nov RR 2062:00 PMTCN Oakville Tornadoes2-7Erindale Spitfires
C FINAL074:15 PMTCN 8-6
B FINAL085:15 PMTCN 9-2
A FINAL096:30 PMTCN Erindale Spitfires5-0Schomberg Red Wings
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